Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Entry #2 1/7/04

To let you in on the new “haps” (or “happenings” for those of you who aren’t up to date with the new fresh lingo)I had a grand birthday. My girlfriend got me some recording time at a great new studio in Santa Barbara called Orange Whip. The Ataris finished their new album at Orange Whip recently. Their new album So Long Astoria sounds great and so I am very excited about how this studio can help us produce some excellent songs. I have four new songs that are ripe and ready to record so I am deciding which one I should track first. The names of the songs to be recorded are “Never Never”, “Windows”, “Just Maybe”, and “Unconditional”. Our recording date is Jan 24th so I am very excited to have some new tracks to show you all, soon along with the 11 songs that are already finished. Thanks again for all of the nice e-mails about the new website. And yes, Jasen, I will do my best to update the site frequently to keep it exciting. Everyone’s feedback is always appreciated and hope to hear from you all again soon,
Willie Wonka
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