Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Entry #3 1/14/04

So we’re at it again. My parents left to the Caribbean for a week and we’ve managed to change their entire house into a full recording studio while they are gone. Sean, Micah, and I, the founders of our first band, insomnia, have reunited to “seize the week” and record the cutting edge of our creativity for all to hear. New songs dripping with melody and rhythm are coming your way. Among the favorite songs so far are: “Driving On A Rail”, by Sean, “Ghosts In Me”, by Micah, and “Never Never”, by Willie (me). Hopefully we will have the new tracks available for you to take a gander at in the very near future. My parents get back on Monday so we will make the transformation back to normal at the end of the week. Check out friendster.com if you haven’t already. It’s a cool way to connect with old friends.
Peace, Love, Recycle,
Chilly Willie
posted by Willie @ 10:13 PM
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