Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Entry #6

Hello all,
I just found out that Rick Joseph, Windsor’s music lawyer, spoke with Capitol about Windsor and they should be checking our new CD out soon so cross your fingers for us. Also, if anyone who reads this has a connection with a label that they think would fit Windsor’s style please let me know. The music has been officially approved to be shopped, and we are passing demos around to any labels that are interested in signing Alternative Rock Bands.

Thanks for all of the wonderful e-mails and support regarding the new music. It is always nice to be appreciated and on behalf of the band I thank you. We are also looking to book some warm up shows before the WARP Tour so if there is a Club, Cool Party, or Shin-dig that would fit Windsor’s profile let us know.

Remember to check out to hear two new songs if you haven’t already and get ready for WARP Tour in July. Drop me a line off the website and tell me what you think of the site and the songs,

Willie the Kid
posted by Willie @ 5:26 PM
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