Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Entry # 7

Well, I am totally broke right now but isn’t Valentine’s Day worth it?
Kristen and I had an awesome 3-day weekend in Catalina. We ate lobster and steak- drank margaritas, rum & cokes, and bloody Maries-- read books on the beach, and played mini golf. I totally broke my record on the Catalina golf course! I know my brother will never believe me but I shot a 47! (Kristen was my witness)I know most of you don’t really care for the number because how could you know… so I’ll give you the scoop. My family has been playing the Catalina mini-course for over 20 years and the old record is 49. I shattered the record with a 47. That should keep me happy for the next month or so.
Anyways, thanks for all of your e-mails about the new music, we should have our new video available on the site any day now,
William the Conqueror
posted by Willie @ 8:02 AM
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