Monday, March 01, 2004

Entry #10

Yo Yo Yo,
Willz in da hizouse. Okay, I wasn’t born to be a rapper. This weekend was very cool. We shot a new music video for Sell Yourself that is definitely our best video to date. It’s got fireworks…it’s got lightning…it’s got a rain storm… and much much more… Ask me Jaime Micah or Ian about it so you can check out a DVD or you can check it out in the near future when Jac puts it up on our website. Jaime’s off to Costa Rica for 10 days so no shows for a bit but we’ll be back in action soon… Jaime and his wife Julie are expecting a new baby girl in mid April if you didn’t already know so I’ll keep you posted…
Peace in the Middle East,
posted by Willie @ 9:06 AM
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