Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Entry #23

Good news seems to keep coming!

KTLA is going to do a story on Windsor in July!
The new Windsor album "Melting Highway" will be released June 1st!
(You can buy it online now at windsormusic.net or in June at Lou's Records in San Diego, Ameoba Music in Los Angeles, and Just Play Music and Morninglory Music in Santa Barbara...)

Jaime's Surf Report has generated sponsors and now he gets free clothes from Billabong!
You can watch him every morning and night on KTLA!
jaimechambers.com is now live!

My Dad went to Costa Rica and he's looking to buy some property!(I hope he gets a sweet place so we can take some great surf trips!)

It was crazy, last week I almost went to the Carlsbad Highschool Prom!(no joke!)
(I had my tux, the car, and was ready to go and then something went wrong with the tickets) Long story...Drop me a line and I'll tell you what happened...
I know I am crazy!

Windsor has new songs that we can wait to show you!

Thanks for all of the e-mails and for buying the new Windsor cd! Your support is greatly appreciated.


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