Tuesday, June 29, 2004


So, lots and lots of happenings lately...

Windsor's new cd Melting Highway will be plugged tomorrow on the WB KTLA Channel 5 morning show!

Windsor's new song "Miss You" has been played several times on 94.9FM San Diego!
(Thanks for all of your requests!!! If you haven't heard it yet you can request it at (619)570-1949 or e-mail anya@fm949sd.com)Your requests help us much more than you think!

New Windsor Shirts Hats Posters CDs will be displayed at the Windsor Booth at Warped so come over and say hi to the babes working the booth.

I saw the 911 movie by Michael Moore and it was awesome...I highly recommend it to everyone...freedom of speech rules!!!

posted by Willie @ 3:24 PM
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