Monday, June 14, 2004

Entry #27

Hello all, great news!
>You can listen to Windsor's radio debut!!! on 94.9FM San Diego or
>online @ tonight!!!
>Sunday 6/13 on the 8pm show!!! If you have time to call in and/or
>e-mail a request before or after the show to 94.9FM SanDiego your
>support is greatly appreciated. Your calls help us more than you
>What's your favorite Windsor song?
>1)El Mundo(when the world starts turning)
>2)Miss You
>3)Sell Yourself
>Your requests will determine Windsor's first single!
>(any san diego area code or 619)570-1949
>Hopefully we'll see you at the Warped Tour!!!
>Willie, Jaime, Micah, and Ian
>you can check out new songs and videos @
>new Windsor album "Melting Highway" now available!!!
>Forward this to friends if you can!!! Thanks..
posted by Willie @ 10:25 AM
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