Saturday, July 03, 2004

The Cal State Fullerton show at the Warped Tour Rocked!
There was a ton of stuff going on...a huge half pipe
where skaters and bikers were catching major airs all
day long...about 500 booths for clothing companies
record labels and food...I met a couple of cool bands.
I was talking to this one guy for about ten minutes
and then found out he was the guitarist of New Found
Glory...They've sold several million albums. Its
crazy. So it was a great place to be a band to make
friends with other bands that are doing really well. I
think there were about 5 main stages...5 B level
stages and 5 C level stages... we actually got bumped
up from a c-level to a b-level stage so that was cool was all luck of the draw in the morning...we got
there really early and that was key so that we could
get a good spot to set up our booth and have a better
chance at getting a good time slot...the bands that
are on the entire tour get a case of beer/a case of
water and catering but those were only the b-level and
a-level main stage bands that were on the full tour...
the hardest part is when there are alot of big name
bands playing at the same time... this forces you to
choose one band over another to watch. The cool thing was that most people would just watch a couple of songs and then walk to the next show... so it was a constant flow of people. It was a long hot day but our set started at 7:50PM right when it was cooling off so it
worked out kind of nice. We were the first band on our
stage to get lights so that was kind of cool and there
was this awesome glowing orange full moon out. Well,
we're off to San Diego for another show so it should
be really fun and were learning a ton!
Hope to see you all soon at the next show!
(we got a sweet Windsor plug on KTLA three mornings ago
for being on the Warped Tour and it was cool because
some people recognized our band and Jaime from tv and we gave
out some autographs on shirts and cds)
posted by Willie @ 9:33 AM
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