Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Hello all,
I just found out from my friends Tyler and Micah that they heard Windsor's new single Miss You on FM 94.9 San Diego again last night for the 5th week in a row! Thanks so much everyone for e-mailing and calling in to request it. All of your requests have proven to be very worthy. When you're an unsigned band, you never expect to be on the radio for that long! Your support is greatly appreciated.
I was totally excited to get an e-mail from Billy Joe Armstrong. For those of you who don't know who Billy Joe is, he is the lead singer of Green Day. He pretty much was the guy that made me want to play guitar.
Also, kind of cool, Rivers, from Weezer joined the Windsor e-mail list. I was totally stoked. Connecting with your idols is getting a lot easier nowadaze...try it! You'll be surprised when you actually hear back! I've had a lot of luck finding friends at myspace.com
You can add me as a friend by going to myspace.com/windsor
Hope to see you all soon,
If you want to request a song in San Diego or at 94.9's online radio you can e-mail anya@fm949sd.com or call (619)570-1949.
This station rules.
posted by Willie @ 9:28 AM
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