Friday, September 03, 2004

back for some news.
did you realize that news is actually North East West South?

Also did you know that if you look into one side of a spoon you'll see the reflection of yourself upside down and then when you flip it over you'll see yourself rightside up?

if you can lick the tip of your own elbow I will give you a copy of our new Windsor cd called Melting Highway.

(I bet your trying to see if you can lick your elbow right now. heh heh)

Well we have a really cool rock show that we're playing this Sunday September 5th so hopefully I will see you all there! Windsor @ The GIG Hollywood 9/5/04 @9PM w/special guests
more info at:

I went for a great surf today in Santa Barbara with my girlfriend Kristen. It took all summer but the sun has finally heated up the water in Santa Barbara so that we didn't have to wear wet suits. This huge sea lion kinda freaked me out when it popped its head up about 15 feet away from me outside the breakers. Pretty great day though. Sunny and perfect. I'd call it a Ferris Bueller Day.
Talk to you soon,
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