Saturday, September 18, 2004

Hello all,
Just got back from an amazing wakeboarding trip in San Diego! Extra special thanks to Kristen's dad Chris Hogan for letting us use his boat and equiptment. Kristen, Jaime, Micah, Melissa, and I went camping on the beach down on fiesta island near Sea World. We made a huge bonfire, had s'mores, and played acoustic guitars late through the night until we all passed out on the beach together. It was a really great spur of the moment night. The next morning we went wakeboarding in water that was about 75 degrees with perfect glass for perfect smooth rides well into the afternoon! Tyler joined us that afternoon too! Eventhough we had a few first-time wake boarders in the group, everyone figured it out and had at least a few great runs all around!
Kristen had the ride of her life pulling a switch stance, two great airs, along with a 180 air to top it off all in the same run! Jaime nearly pulled his first 360 air and just missed the grab of the rope after doing his twist. Melissa and Tyler were very impressive for figuring it out on their first times and having some great runs. I had a couple of really fun airs and Micah pulled an air on his first time out! All in all it was one of those great days. We are all happy and sore now.
Talk to you soon!

(Windsor has a show at Club 1650 on the evening of September 23rd (Thursday) in Hollywood that was just added so come say hi if you're around!)

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