Saturday, October 09, 2004

Hello all,
I just wanted to share with you one of the most amazing notes I've ever received.
It's fan mail like this one that make me think music was the right path to follow.
I don't know what to say. I am totally flattered and I don't think I have ever received such a wonderful compliment in my entire life!
This note just made my year.

(check it out if you have time...the power of music ROCKS!!!)

I am an American military member stationed over in Sicily,
(Italy). I am stationed overseas currently and giving as much of myself as I
can in this new war on terror. I want you to know that you help to give us
soldiers something to look forward to and that's music. The only radio
station we have over here plays some lame ass music and still hasn't gotten
anything recent enough to perk my interest. I first saw you play this summer
at the Warped Tour when I was on leave not to long ago. I thought you guys
played outstanding and I was really excited about your electrifying style of
playing. I've tried to ask our base store if they could get any albums of
you guys over here but that didn't work out to my advantage. My wife and I
try to find everything we can from your group. You supply us with a chance
to get away from what may be troubling us and enjoy a whole new world, we
can escape to tranquility in your music. Your talents are immense, you
truly are superstars. Thank you for using your awesome ability and for
entertaining us overseas and those of us soldiers caught in the heat of
battle. If there is any way you could send any kind of an autographed items
or cds my way that would be great. Over here for hobbies there really isn't
much to do. Some people drink, others smoke, I collect autographs. Yours
would truly be a great asset to my collection. Thank you for your time and
your consistent and memorable tunes. Thank you so much!

Petty Officer Sean P. Godown
United States Navy
PSC 812 box 3290 slot 912
FPO AE 09627-3290
posted by Willie @ 10:42 AM
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