Wednesday, November 03, 2004

So I played some acoustic songs at this wedding for my girlfriend's cousin in Pheonix and it was really fun! There were about 300 people at the wedding and there was a band and a stage and lights and cake and bars and dancing and dinner and toasts and dresses and suits and I caught the garder...I think that's what you call it. It was quite an extravagant wedding. Very fancy. and dancy...

The next day we drove back to Santa Barbara for a Halloween party next to SBCC. It was really fun because I hadn't played a solo acoustic show for the college crowd in a while and everyone was dressed up, drunk and having a great time. My girlfriend and her sister made me dress up and I ended up being a UCSB swimmer with red speedos a swim cap and goggles. chilly!!! I didn't last in the red speedos for very long. It was a very chilly night. Then after rocking the acoustic sounds along with some excellent drums and bongos, the cops came and shut down our party just as I was ending my last made me feel all cool n' stuff because we got shut down by the cops. I felt totally cool cuz everyone was like more more!!! and I was like "I totally would (even though I already played all of the cool songs I knew) but they said if we keep going they'll give us a ticket" It was the perfect ending to a halloween rock show. My girlfriend had a hot geisha costume on and her sister was a sexy Cat In The Hat. My cousin Party Pat was an awesome Pirate and The other girls looked hot too!

bummer about the our country really this stupid? I could never vote for someone who just starts bombing a country that wasn't doing anything to us. Didn't seem very "last resort" to me. I mean, this is serious. People are (pardon my french) f-ing dying!

Well in his first 4 years Bush has killed 60,000 people and led us from a 2 trillion dollar surplus into a 3 trillion dollar deficit. (i think it's something like that)In the next 4 we'll probably kill 100,000 more and find ourselves in a 9 trillion dollar deficit. at least he only has 4 years and not 10 more or something. crazyness!!!

I am still oddly optimistic for some reason.
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