Monday, April 25, 2005

Hey you guys it's Willie from Windsor.

First I just want to say-you myspacers kick major ass-your awesome e-mails have been a major part in fueling the energy in our new recordings!

I just wanted to leave this comment because we do have some new songs that are coming out pretty soon that I'm excited to show you all!..and if you want a sneak peak at one of the new ones you can listen for a clip of it on the KTLA Channel 5 News tonight during the Billabong XXL Big Wave Surf Awards! The song is called "You Should Know".... and I wrote it for Kristen :-)
(On KTLA I think they use a clip of Cold Play and then a clip of Windsor around 10:30-ish, tonight during video footage of 60-foot waves!)

We also are very excited to be going on the air live with Anya Marina in San Diego on 94.9FM Sunday May 15th at 8PM so listen if you can-hopefully you'll be on your way to the Jimmy Eat World concert in San Diego that same night!

Thanks again for all of the awesome e-mails! A lot of great new crazy things are up ahead this summer so keep in close touch!
Love, Windsor (Willie Jaime Micah & Ian)
posted by Willie @ 9:44 PM
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