Wednesday, May 04, 2005

crazy couple of weeks

Jaime meets the Governator and Donald Trump!
Current mood: amused

Jaime's KTLA Channel 5 reporting job has allowed him to cross paths with a large number of familiar faces in the past couple weeks. I had fun tagging along with Jaime and listening to Trump talk this weekend-he was a funny guy and offered some solid business advice. At the Trump conference, Jaime talked me into recording a KTLA 15 second stand up report in my suit in front of a large crowd. I memorized his report and ended with "... from the L.A. convention center, Will Chambers, KTLA News." it was pretty cool. I've always liked holding the mic.

When Jaime met the Governator one on one in Arnold's office- Arnold Schwartzenegger(I don't know how to spell it!) showed Jaime his Conan sword and said "This is what I use to slash the budget deficit!" funny stuff.

Hope to see you so cal people at our show in san diego!
Listen for us on 94.9FM San Diego ...we have a new song that will hit the airwaves soon!
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