Saturday, May 07, 2005

Hello all,

Kinda downer news, my grandfather, William R. Anderson, "Dodo" (my Mom's father) passed away on May 5th. He was a lucky guy with a big heart and a large family who loved him very much. On a lighter note he lived a great life. I had a couple of strange days.

I actually felt very lucky to have had a long conversation with him only one day before he went into a coma. We talked about life and basketball and our family and normal stuff. It was great catching up and he seemed sharp and clear minded. The same old Dodo I always known since I was young. He's even always looked the same to me.

When I found out he was in the hospital I went on this crazy, Forrest Gump like run. I knew he would have tubes in his mouth and be breathing wierd so I wanted to be clear minded when I saw him for the last time. I ran and ran and ran. I started from Solana Beach and ran past the Del Mar Race Track, past 15th street in Del Mar, up Torrey Pines hill, over by UCSD, turned east at Genessee and ran across the 5 freeway over to Scripps Hospital where most of my Mom's family was. It actually turned out to be a 9 mile run and I was kinda impressed with myself. I hadn't run that far in a long time.

I held his hand for awhile and everyone had a heavy heart.

After a couple visits I was there to watch his last breath. He had gone into the next life. That was the first time I had seen someone pass away right infront of my eyes. It was strange and I remember how much I realized my grandma Nana loved him. She was strong. We will all miss him...

(kinda cool, my grandfather golfed his age when he was 76- and got a hole in one both at The Fair Banks Ranch Country Club in Del Mar- he also won the pick six two days in a row- :-) I will always will remember his great stories...
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