Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hello all,
Just checking in to say hi and thanks again for all of the nice e-mails on myspace.
Lots of fun stuff happing so fast I haven't had much time to drop a note!

Went to watch the Padres beat the Diamondbacks at the new stadium-
My good friend Jay got us some sweet field level seats by third base-

It felt like a Ferris Bueller Day because I took the day off work and enjoyed the blue skies and the sun- It especially felt Ferris Buellerish when we heard the Beatles version of Shake It On Baby-

I borrowed my grandparents Turf Club passes and went to the track the other day and we actually won! I hit my first Trifecta ever with my friend John and then we won again and again-
it was one of those unusually good nights- we ended up going to the Coldplay concert after the track with my good friend Lindsay who happened to buy two extra tickets-

It was extra fun speeding down the freeway in Johns bad ass black Porshe Carera -very smooth

On a more downer note-
the crisis situation in New Orleans is crazy
my brother Jaime might be flying over there to help sometime soon through his job at KTLA

Fortunately my drummer's family who is from New Orleans were some of the lucky ones and didn't get hit by the storm- It was reassuring to talk to them and find out that they were okay-

I was speaking to one woman the other day who said she felt so guilty that she hasn't been able to help more- I think alot of us wish we could help but don't know where to send money because we really have no idea as to exactly where the money goes-

Let me know if anyone knows the best place to send money so we can spread good info around.

We should have new songs and a new cd soon so keep in touch and I'll check back when we finish some more recordings.

Thanks for supporting Windsor on iTunes and at our websites!
It is greatly appreciated,
Will Doggie Dawg
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