Tuesday, September 20, 2005

So, continuing from the last blog with an extra special night of recording we finished our song Windows. It came out really cool and I am happy with it and happy to show all of you it.

Jaime, Steve, and I then took a break and started talking about politics. We were pretty zonked out from recording the last song off and on from 12 noon to around 8PM that we were almost ready to quit.

With a second wind we decided to record the next song called The Tiger's Back.

We did the guitar parts and were pretty spent. We started talking about JFK and 9/11 and it started to creep into the late night. I looked down at my phone and noticed that it was 12:02AM 9/11/2005.

cool I thought. The Tiger's back was a song inspired by 9/11 and so it seemed very perfect to start recording vocals.

I sang my guts out and we ended up recording one of my favorite self recordings of all time that night. With Jaime and Steve's extra energy we finished tracking everything at about 3AM on 9/11/05.

We were stoked.

I drove home to San Diego and passed a copy to 94.9FM that evening.

That night at 10PM on 9/11/05 they played it on the air!

I have never had a recording go to radio that fast before so I was pretty happy.
Moreover because 1) The song was inspired by 9/11, 2) We finished the recording on 9/11/05 and 3) It was aired on the radio on 9/11/05 --- I thought that it was pretty cool.

It was funny because Windsor's drummer Ian Falgout and Windsor's bassist Micah Rabwin still hadn't heard the finished song yet and it was already on the radio.

Anyways, thanks for hanging in there with my blabbings.

(oh yeah, and my significant other has an article in The Beach Break News in Cardiff so pick up a copy this month if you're in the area at Ki's or Pipes or Swami's Cafe and check it out)

if you want to hear a new song and a recent radio interview you can go to
thanks for listening!

Extra special thanks to Kristen Kaos and Mary from Seattle for being Windsor's favorite super cool fans on myspace this month- We are now fans of them!
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