Monday, November 21, 2005

Amazing Unreal Incredible Party...

Kristen and I were invited to a party in Rancho that turned into yet another
unforgetable night.

This place was amazing!

Frank's house (all 7 acres!) had

huge pools
fire pits
giraffes (yes two real live giraffes!)
10 foot by ten foot screen mini theater
heat lamps
huge palm trees
huge chandeleares (sorry I don't know how to spell that word)
a 26 person limo
golf carts
sports cars
private jet
private yachts

we had food, champagne, played games with the 20 other guests
(girls and guys) who were all around 25 years old

we played Mafia, a very cool game that you'll have to ask me about sometime

Frank told me his secret to life, along with many of the other guests

Frank also showed me his remote control laptop like device which controlled
everything on the property that was all a touch screen system - everything
from activating waterfalls to changing the temperature in every room

there were also cameras recording 24/7 in each room that you could view
from this handy remote control device. it was wild.

hope to touch base with you all soon,
posted by Willie @ 4:59 PM
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