Sunday, November 13, 2005

Thanks so much to everyone who made the Key Club show an incredible night for Windsor! I could never have pulled this awesome night off without the extra magic and help from all the friends fans and family!

I would like to personally thank:

Kristen Hogan
Micah Rabwin
Ian Falgout
Jaime Chambers
Julie Chambers
Renee from
Maige from
Jac DeHaan
Evan Kinkle
Liz Cruz
Tyler Crowley
Lyle Bellquist
Kelly Hogan
Lindsay Hunter & Chris from 2nd Day Crush
Jonah Milanes
Ignacio Cervantes
Ricardo Escareno
Jonas Day
5 Alarm
Brad Golden
Ben Davis
Scott Hinkley
Jim and Jane Chambers
Kristen and Dan Viemeister
Drew Kolanz
Rodriguez from Econo Lodge
Joe Poindexter from Geffen
Raquel from
Heather from Capitol
Britney from Atlantic
Amy from Universal
Chad Bamford
Rick Joseph
Dr. Clark
Steve Refling
Mike Busbee
Beau Hill
Tom Goehlring
Peter from Thrive
Brad Kemp at Key Club
Kim Koury at Key Club
David & Deborah Chambers
Diane Zavaterro & Annabelle!
Nan F. Buddy & Orin
Tobi Crabtree
Echo Revolution
The two awesome guys at Sunset Pizza who re-opened at 3 am to feed us!
The guy from New Zealand
The guy from UK
I know I forgot people so you know who you are and I thank you too!
That was an awesome night and out of the Top 10 Unsigned Bands Windsor got the highest rating!
Windsor has several meetings planned with labels for next week!
Thanks so much you guys!
We'll try and post some video footage up soon!
posted by Willie @ 2:17 PM
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