Sunday, December 25, 2005

(continued again!)
start reading from previous entries...
(I started this post two entries ago
to make sure that I didn't lose what
I was writing because this computer
has been shutting down)

It's been a great Christmas! I have
actually had 5 Christmisses (I just
invented a new word, cool)

I have 1 Christmas to go later today
giving me a six pack of Christmisses.

I actually had more fun giving than getting
this year for the first time, wierd. My
favorite gift I gave this year was a real
collectors addition Star Wars Light Saber
which I gave to my brave surfer brother-

It lit up the room with awesome sound effects and
a cool green glow- Jaime played with it all
day long!

ha ha

Merry Christmas and I'll check back with new
Thanks for stopping by,
posted by Willie @ 2:32 PM
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