Thursday, December 29, 2005

So last month I run into Trevor Hoffman from the Padres at Rubio's in Solana Beach, CA and two days ago I go to Roberto's in Solana Beach and I run into Dave Roberts from the Padres- These baseball players love Mexican food in Solana Beach! It was wierd because I had just watched a special featuring Dave Roberts on tv so I knew all about him. He was really nice in person and while we were both waiting in line for food I told him I had run into Trevor Hoffman and got to talk to him for a while as well. Roberts said he just finished working out with Trevor that morning and we both agreed that it was great to have Trevor on the team next year after all of that contract debating.
I'll let you know next week if i have any more Padre or Charger sitings-
Oh yeah, and it's my birthday on Jan 3rd, happy birthday to me-
I am getting old. damn. (still clinging to my twenties)
posted by Willie @ 10:50 AM
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