Saturday, December 03, 2005

So my brother Jaime Chambers called me up the other night and was thinking about running for Congress!
Wild, my little brother, the reporter, congress guy... President?

Naaa, don't get your hopes up too soon.
He asked me to be his campaign manager and what I thought about him running.

I thought, if he was sincere and seriously thought he could make things better around here,
more power to him!

He's got a lot of rich friends who would back him, and I think he would win.

Anyways, he just turned 26 so he qualifies because you have to be 25 years old to run for congress.
30 to run for senate and 35 to run for president. I'm pretty sure.

I played a great game of soccer today with friends in Encinitas
We thought we were playing to 5 and we were up 5 to 3. Then everyone wanted to play longer to 10.
We went down 9 to 6, and then, with some old trusty soccer magic, we came back and won 10 to 9!
Rock n' roll. I have got the scrapes and bloody knee to prove we were playing hard!

As I always say: "It's not that great to win, but it sucks to lose."


I'm going to the Chargers/Raiders game tomorrow with my friend Ignacio and the Pizza Port Crew!
(If you watch it on tv, look for me, I will be wearing a light blue Chargers headband in a sea of 60,000 people!)
ha ha
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