Sunday, December 25, 2005

Wow- lot's of exciting stuff has happened in a short time I can barely keep up with talking about it- I already feel like I've forgotten to write about so many cool things that have gone by like a blur-

Well, these last few weeks have been a ton of fun
I found out there was a Sugarcult rock show at the
Disneyland House of Blues on December 18th and some
of my good friends from bands I've played with before
were opening up so I had to figure out how to go- I
called ticket master but the show ofcourse, was sold
out- I thought about calling Tim from Sugarcult but
because it was only hours before the show I didn't
really feel like bothering him- so I took a chance
and drove from San Diego to Anaheim with hopes to sneak
in the sold out show- I got to the show about an hour
before the first band was supposed to start and I got
a call from my cousin Pat- He said: Willie! I've got an
extra 2nd row ticket to see the Lakers wanna go?(we would
get to sit next to Keanu Reeves and Brooke Burke)

Damnit, I thought, what do I do? I'm already in Anaheim
so that made it easy to get to the game- I told him I'd
call him back in 15 minutes- so I happened to sneak in
the House of Blues concert and a bunch of good friends
from the band Rock Kills Kid and Sugarcult were all
there back stage with dinner beers and smiles- After the
peer pressure oif old friends set in I decided to stay-
and skip the Lakers game- It was a great show and I got
a ton of cool pics. It was a bummer to have two great things
happen at the same time though. I would have loved to go to

Tim Pagnotta, Marko 72, Airin and Kenny from Sugarcult were
all really nice and put on a great show. I talked to Marko 72
about his cool tour opening for Green Day and his new baby! &
found out that me and Airin (bassist from Sugarcult) actually
played soccer against eachother for many years even though we
didn't know eachother back in the highschool and club soccer days-
He played for Arsenal and I played for the San Dieguito Surf Soccer
Great times traveling and tournaments etc.

Reed Calhoun and Shawn Dailey were great to connect with as well
they play for a band called Rock Kills Kid and I played in a band
with them when I was in Santa Barbara (continued scroll up!)
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