Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hello all,
quick note-

My friends from The Storrow Band invited me to open for them and play an acoustic set at Cafe E Street in Encinitas, CA. It should be a fun night, so cruise down and join us if you're in the area. It's FREE!!!

I will be starting around 6PM till 7PM-ish

The Storrow Band are the type of band who draw a ton of good-looking sorority girls to their shows. They always put on a great entertaining soulful set of acoustic music.

Jeff, one of the guitarists is a good friend of mine and I think the last time I hung out with him was at the Coldplay concert at The Coors Amphitheatre - good times

Hope to see you at the show!

Windsor ( 6:30PM ish
The Storrow Band ( - 7:30PM ish

Live @ Cafe E Street (near the corner of 101 and E-Street in Encinitas)
Free Acoustic Rock Show!!!
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