Thursday, January 05, 2006

I never have enough time to write about all this cool stuff that keeps happening because I keep running into more cool stuff!

Then I forget some of the old cool stuff because more cool stuff happens...


Anyways, so I am watching this corny 80's movie with volley ball and a love story on the beach set in So Cal. I forget the actors names but the lead girl was from another 80's movie (I think she was also in the movie Summer School) In the volley ball scene Steve Timmons (2 time olympic gold medal volley ball champ) has his tall flat top and his cool eighties look. He played himself in a short scene in the movie. ha ha So I go into Rubio's the other day and yes, another celeb sighting. Steve Timmonds is ordering Rubio's. ha ha It was wierd because I just watched him on tv. I actually already know Steve because my father's company did a remodel on his awesome house in Del Mar.

Steve is married to Debbie Dunning (the stunning girl on Home Improvement's Tool Time) and they are an awesome family. Their family gave our family tickets to go watch a live taping of Home Improvement and there we met the entire cast and took pictures with them on the set and stuff. We even got a pic behind the fence where that neighbor (the one who never shows his face) always is.

Anyways, Tim Allen was really cool and he showed us his new custom sports car that was pretty loud and cool looking. I think it was some kind of custom Ferrari.

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