Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I went to Disneyland on Sunday!!!
woo hoo!

Kristen and I took these two cool girls:
Julia 11 years old (the daughter of a nice talented screen writer who Kristen works for) and
Savannah, 10 years old (one of Julia's best friends)
to Disneyland for one of the best days ever!

As we walked up to the gates of Disneyland these two women were trying to get rid of their tickets (which were passes to the new California Adventure Land & Disneyland)
so we ended up getting extra cheap tickets to both!

Space Mountain was my favorite at Disneyland & The Tower of Terror was the scariest at California Adventure land -California Adventures is incredible- I definitely recommend it-

They have this new system where you get speed passes so lines are only 20 minutes now instead of 3 hours- which makes it great- we were there right when it opened and stayed until it closed- we must have gone on 20 rides! holy crap!

Going with 10 & 11 year olds definitely makes it extra super fun.
Talk to you all soon I hope!

In spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, my Mom read her 6th grade class my children's book called "The Painted Zebra" - she said that they were actually quiet the whole entire time she read it so I was pretty happy. :-) you can check out some sample pages by clicking the star at williechambers.com that says "Writing"
I had a ton of fun making it! :-)w

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