Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Years was awesome as usual.
I think New Years is now officially my favorite holiday.
We went to a house party in Carlsbad, and it was just
simply a great time. It's all about company. I learned
that again this year.

My B-Day was really fun as well. I had lunch with my grandma,
who I call Nana- she is probably the best gift giver in our
huge family. She is psychic when it comes to gifts. No really.
All the way back to when I was 5 and I was wishing for a t.v.
I had these magic cookies. If you broke the cookie in 3 parts
you got to make a wish. So I did and about 10 minutes later
Nana and Dodo (my grandfather) come through the door with a
new tv for us! It wasn't even a holiday or anything! My parents
kinda freaked out as well. It was almost kinda spooky.

She is awesome. She is one of those people who looks at least 10
years younger than she should all of the time.

So for my B-Day dinner we went to Las Olas and Kristen got me a Cold
Stone Cake that we ate at the restaurant with my parents- I know I'm
getting old because this was the first time that I was actually really
embarrassed when the entire restaurant started singing. Ha ha-

So we ate cake. The bartender there always hooks us up with drinks so I
did the dumb thing of bringing him and the cooks the rest of the cake.
They wouldn't let me leave the bar until I took this gigantic shot! It
was definitely the biggest shot I had ever taken. It was probably 4 or 5 shots
combined, because he really just gave me a glass!

Whoa, glad I wasn't driving

We then went out with friends to get more drunk and play pool in Encinitas-
Some friends got me a bunch of Wet Willy Jello shots which pretty much put
us over the top, all in all a great B-Day, still clinging to my twenties...

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