Monday, February 06, 2006

Hello all,
Kinda fun, I just found out that this article about me and 3 other musicians (and their day jobs)comes out in the San Diego Union Tribune on Sunday, February 19th

It will probably have a dorky pic of myself and tell some cool stories so check it out if you're bored.

Sunday is a good morning to ignore the television for five minutes and read something! (ha ha, I say that like I actually read alot and don't watch much tv)


Thanks for stopping is good
(I'm going to meet with Chad Bamford (who produced the last Weezer album called "Make Believe"...ya know, the one with the song that goes..."BEVERLY HILLS, THAT'S WHERE I WANNA BE!" and also has the song that goes..."WHEN YOU"RE OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS IN YOUR NEW MERCEDES BENZ AND YOUR, ON DRUGS!") in the next few weeks so I'm pretty excited to check out his studio and hopefully we'll have some new kick ass Windsor recordings soon!)
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