Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fun weekend at The Disneyland Hotel

My grandfather, Stan Chambers, who is now 83 years old! has been on tv, mostly on KTLA Channel 5 news at 10PM, for 58 and a half years! woo hoo! They had a ceremony at The Disneyland Hotel where Aptra (a company that gives out all of the Southern California major broadcast awards changed the "Mark Twain" award to the "Stan Chambers" award. We all got dressed up in tuxes and watched my grandfather get this surpise recognition from all of his collegues and co-workers. He has more awards than anyone on the planet! Along with his Fire Department Awards, Police Department Awards, Gold Microphone Awards, etc.. which are mostly gathering dust in some old closet somewhere, he also has a star on Hollywood Blvd., a street named after him in Hollywood, a building named after him, and the mayor of Los Angeles even named a special day after him in December! "Stan Chambers Day"!!! He is a great person.


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