Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Last minute fun!!! the leap of faith pays off...

Last night my brother called me at 5:38PM to ask me if I wanted to go to the Lakers game at The Staples Center in LA- He had 2 tickets but he couldn't go.

(2 hours to LA I thought, and the game starts at 7:30PM) yikes! but I really wanted to go! I called up my friend Ignacio and he said "sounds good"- He is one of those friends you can always count on and really easy going.

Still I was slightly reluctant because if there was any traffic, we would miss most of the game. Still I pressed on to go pick up my friend.

Next, I find out that in order to get the tickets I have to drive 1/2 hour past The Staples Center to my brother's place to get the tickets! damn. 2 hours to get to the game + 1/2 hour to my bros + plus 1/2 hour back to The Staples Center equals 3 hours! we would miss the first half, and that's if there's no traffic. Still, me and Ignacio started driving and would take a leap of faith heading North on the freeway-

So as we're driving North from San Diego and trying to figure out how to get the tickets faster I finally call my friend Tyler. He said he has a friend Ethan who might be near my bro's house-

The leap of faith works! 45 minutes into our drive towards Los Angeles, Tyler's friend Ethan happened to be driving right by my brother's house! He called us and said he would meet us at The Staples Center with the tickets because he was on his way to Tyler's and it was right on his way! There happened to be no traffic that Tuesday night from 6PM to 8PM on the 5 and we sat down in our seats midway through the first quarter! It worked out perfect. unbelievable.

Kobe had a great game! He was hitting some awesome three pointers from way outside the key and making some extra special crowd pleasing dunks! We had beers hot dogs and I even treated myself to a tasty cinnamon pretzel. The Lakers won and held the Orlando Magic under 90 points so everyone won two free tacos at Jack n the Box!
woo hoo

Because we waited for most of the crowd to leave before we left,we happened to walk back to our car with all of the hottie Laker girls! I was going to try and introduce Ignacio to a group of them but he was feeling shy. I must say they were pretty hot though. Last time I went to the Lakers game with Kristen she said it looked like fun so maybe I can talk her into being a Laker girl one day too! ha ha

sometimes a leap of faith can actually work out! (I thought we'd end up in traffic and miss the whole game- seriously, I kinda felt stupid when we started driving north- but the Universe was definitely on our side that night...i love it when things work out.)

See you laters,
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