Tuesday, June 27, 2006

WILLIE & KRISTEN GOT MARRIED!!! Introducing Mr. & Mrs. William & Kristen Chambers!!!

On May 27th, 2006 at 5PM, 250 people gathered for an amazing wedding at a beautiful place called Rancho Las Lomas east of Laguna Beach, CA.

People arrived (black tie style) to being greeted with lemonaide, water, and sangria. Brendan Bozworth and Jasen Powell played as a jazz duo from 5PM to 5:45-ish while guests toured the beautiful place and slowly found their seats for the ceremony.

The ceremony went great including 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen! (It was quite a parade down the aisle!) Not to mention the ring bears Logan Chambers and little William Ryan Martinez and flower girls Allison, Cassie, and Macy...

After Willie kissed the bride... U2's Beautiful Day was played into a warm thundering applause from the audience! It was the best day of Willie's life... and Kristen's too!

The food, the music, the PARTY, ... WOW!!!

Everyone seemed to have a really, really great time- ( pictures to come soon at www.kristenandwillie.com )

This site might be a little biased but I truely think it was the best wedding EVER!!!
seriously! ask anyone!!!

Special thanks to Karen & Blaise, Christian Love, Dawson, Mark, Pete, Micah, Sean, Brendan, and Jasen who all contributed to the live music that night! Amazing mix of jazz, rock, acoustic, pop, and soul.

The cake was four layers of different flavors and a real crowd pleaser along with the tri-tip and or lemon chicken dinners with a full premium open bar to accent!

Thanks to Evan Kinkel for spicing up the party towards the end of the night by fountain diving into the water! (you rock evan)

I could talk for years and years about that night but I want to save a bit of suspense so you'll all check out the pics!
Talk soon!
Mr.William Ryan Chambers
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