Friday, July 28, 2006

when I don't write for a while it is probably because I am doing a bunch of cool stuff to write about!
(in this case it is very true)

Honeymoon to Hawaii for 1 week! then Thailand for 10 days! then Costa Rica for another week!
I will go more in depth later-

Jaime Chambers (my brother) gets nominated for his first EMMY! on KTLA as a reporter for his work at the 2006 Rose Parade!

a 3 minute clip of Willie and Kristen's Wedding at:

Jaime on the Jimmy Kimmel Show!?

Willie rocks Solana Beach with his second official acoustic solo show!

I will try to write more in depth blogs of these past two months up to now when I have time-
Just got back from The Violent Femmes concert at The Del Mar Race Track tonight!- awesome show
The "Del Margaritas" were quite tasty-
Thanks for checking in and be sure to check out the video at:

featuring "Jack Johnson" you'll like this one...

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