Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fun times...

My friends from the band Sugarcult came out with a new cd last week called Lights Out so I met them at Lou's Records and they gave me 4 tickets! woo hoo! We went down to The San Diego House of Blues that night Sept 12th and saw a fun show (I got to bring three hot dates! Kristen Kelly & Kylie) funny.

We went to a hardcore SOMA show to support our friends from a band called INVICTUS- they opened for A THORN FOR EVERY HEART and STATIC LULLABY (for those of you who don't follow the hardcore scene, it is realllly hardcore) screamo will get your blood flowing and will make you want to drive really fast- I liked it. :-)w The show reminded me of Bjork and Slayer put together, very cool stuff if you can handle that kind of music.

I went and hung out with Hal Fishman and my famous brother Jaime Chambers at KTLA and watched him do his Channel 5 Surf Report- he was very professional- ha ha. It still trips me out to watch him on tv - When he interviewed Arnold S. I could barely keep it together - it was so funny to me! ha ha

Jaime and I recorded acoustic music last night in our friend Adam's studio. He calls himself "Atom" as in "the bomb".
We have some new cool raw acoustic recordings that came out pretty cool so ask me about them and I'll try and get you a copy. One of the new songs I recorded was the first song Kristen and I wrote together called "Just Stay". My good friend Aaron Robinson added his magical finger picking to the recording and I thought it came out really well. I like having at least one really raw track on every cd that my band Windsor puts out so this one should make the cut on our new cd coming out in 2007 called Forever Endeavors. It looks like the album will probably have these new recordings on it:

Band: Windsor
2nd Album: Forever Endeavors

1) Just Maybe
2) Hate You
3) The Enemy
4) You Should Know
5) Windows
6) The Tiger's Back
7) Just Stay
8) Time After Time (cover)
9) Places
10) Sentimental
11) Never Never
12) Every Night

75% sure...
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