Monday, November 13, 2006

Well, I am long over due to update this thing so here's the wonderful scoop:

October was great find me on myspace at for some cool Halloween party pics!
We were pretty partied out by the third Halloween party...whew.

I was Willy Wonka and I have some great pics of friends as well that came out amazing actually. One of my friends commented on a Halloween party pic and said: Holy crap! It's like a koala puking a rainbow!

(you'll just have to check out the pics)
(somehow the main windsor myspace page got changed to that code number so that's what it is until they fix it back to

New WINDSOR Song called JUST MAYBE at
Fast, Pop, Radio Friendly, Alternative Rock Action-came out cool so check it out now!

Talk soon,
posted by Willie @ 3:26 PM
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