Monday, November 13, 2006

What an amazing weekend!

Started off with a Coed Semi-Final Soccer game at 11AM

We were down 2-0 at the half... and so the drama begins...

Genevieve a long time friend since Jr High hit a shot that the goalie tipped and it was right on the goal line...
The goalie dove for it and the entire soccer goal and net came down on the goalie as the ball trickled across
the line... GOAL! (the ref signaled goal and we were now down 2-1) the goalie was tangled up in the net that had fallen but unhurt- Pretty crazy though in over 10 years of playing soccer, I had never seen anything like that! ha ha
With time ticking down my good friend Ignacio put two goals in with only about 5 minutes left to take the lead!
Then another good friend on our team Evaristo scored at the last second to end the Semi Finals 4-2. we won!

The FINALS were scheduled right after the semis so we geared up for game #2. At stake was the CHAMPIONSHIP for our VAVI Coed-Soccer Team Named: TEAM HUNG OVER. If we won we would Win a free spot to play in the league next year that normally costs $500.00 and a sparkling bobble-head trophy engraved with VAVI COED SOCCER LEAGUE CHAMPS 2006!

We tied 0-0 at half and the drama heightened with some close shots on goal from either side. Our good friend Sara took it down the side and crossed it right to me... here was my chance! After missing about 25 shots the week before along with hitting the crossbar I was due. I side volleyed the ball from the top of the box right into the upper right corner past the outstretched goalie into the back of the net...GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!

The game ended shortly after and we were the 2006 Champs! woo hoo for team HUNG OVER!
We celebrated after at our good friend John's house who had just bought a brand new 60 inch flat screen (great football watching tv) he has a really cool house in Encinitas with a hot tub a poker game table and a light wood pool table. Great party house.

Then we watched the Chargers come back from being down 21-0 against the Bengals to WIN 49-41! woo hoo!
What a fun game to watch! It seemed like San Diego would be happy for weeks after that win.

Thanks for checking in, (drop me an e-mail! I love e-mails!)
Talk soon,
Willie "the goal getter" Chambers
(that's what the used to call me on my travelling team during my teens-my wife is so happy that I have a new story to talk about instead of 'remember when I got the winning goal in The Austria Cup when I was thirteen?' hee hee)

More cool news! Check out new pics of my Dad's New Costa Rica Beach House at:
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