Sunday, March 04, 2007

hi all,

so I'm working on solving what I think are the top three biggest problems in the world so if you have any ideas I appreciate your help on any one of them...maybe there's a problem that I haven't thought of yet that should be in the top three as well so let me know if I have my priorities wrong!

1)Population- I had a discussion about this with three good friends today and the best idea I thought that came up was the option of a free vasectomy in poor countries such as in Southern Africa- just even talking about the "V" word makes me cringe but it makes a lot of sense. it might not be a bad idea to pay men ages 18 and up to have one just to simply stop the excess of hungry babies in some areas- this idea also ties into problem number 2

2)Hunger-I had this idea awhile back where a kid could walk up to a webcam and wait until some kind person would buy that hungry kid a food stamp instantly for 99 cents -similarly how you buy iTunes- if you wanted to feel good about yourself for the day you could go to a website that had many screens showing kids standing live waiting for donations for food-when you paid your 99 cents a stamp would be activated for that child and they could take it to a store nearby. Video monitors would allow you to watch the kid thank you and also allow you to watch him walk nextdoor to a foodcourt where he could use his foodstamp that you purchased them to get lunch! (it needs to be fine tuned but I think it could work)

3)Global Warming- we simply use too much energy--- solar power/wind power/moving water-power, all of these natural powers are the answer- Mostly I think that the answer is the sun. The equator is the hottest part of the world so there has got to be ways to channel all of this heat that the sun directs directly at the equator every single day by using mirrors and heat etc..There are plenty of smart people on the earth and most of the smart ways to use solar energy have already been invented. we just need to start using them! Some of these big energy companies probably just have to change their ways faster! Thoughts.?..

I know I'm kinda blabbing on but I seriously believe that we can end these major problems fast if we all put our heads together.

Thanks for checking in!

(Just think if we had decided not to go to war in Iraq and we had an extra 3 trillion dollars to work with! we might have been able to provide some of these options on a very large scale cutting down huge numbers of hungry babies-well the past is in the past so I guess all we can do is try to do the best we can from now on and try not to make mistakes that we hopefully have learned from)
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