Monday, May 14, 2007

Hello all,
Pretty cool weekend...

I played soccer and scored 3 GOALS this Saturday!
woo hoo! I still get stoked like I was when I was
6 years old running around playing swarm ball...
We won 4 to 2! It was just one of those days where
everytime I kicked the ball, it seemed to go into
the net, what can I say? I totally rocked that game-
Our star player and my good friend Ignacio Cervantes
wasn't feeling so well that game so I knew I had to
step it up-

I haven't had a "Hat Trick" in a long while so that
game will keep me smiling for a nice long time-
(I love to play well infront of the girls)
It's so wierd to me the kinds of things that really
make us feel great- What's yours!? e-mail me some-thing
that makes you feel great!

Mother's Day was a good time as well- we got flowers
and cards and a big picnic together and we all went
down to the beach near Cardiff By the Sea- we brought
our new puppy dog RUBY who is a little cutsy little
rascle that everyone loves to play and run and do all
those little things that make puppies so cool-

some fun things happening up ahead but I'm not aloud
to talk about them so check back and maybe I'll tell

I have a ton of myspace sites up with new songs so try
to find them if you can- I can barely even remember them
all but they all have different songs on them-

shoot, I forget
bye for now

oh yeah, and
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