Monday, May 28, 2007

So yesterday May 27th was my 1 year wedding anniversary with my wife Kristen Chambers! We made it! so far so good... :-)w

cool news, we got a 2003 Lincoln Navigator SUV!

now we can take 8 friends with us comfortably when we wanna go party, Padre Games, Chargers, road trips, wake-boarding at Lake Arrowwhead,etc

It even has a trailer hitch so we can tow Kristen's Dad's Mastercraft speed boat!


It also comes in handy for my band Windsor because we can load the whole band and all of our equiptment in a trailer behind us for rock show road trips and mini tours-

It even has a DVD player in it with 2 cool screens on the driver and passenger seats so you can watch movies in the back- pretty sweet.

Kristen was a happy wife yesterday to get a new car!

The dealership guy was funny, he said- "It used to be that you got your wife paper (new stationary) for your one year anniversary, now it's a Navigator! times have sure changed!"

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