Monday, August 13, 2007

Awesome Wake Boarding Trip in Lake Arrowhead!
We went to the Lake and had a complete BLAST!
30 friends 1 huge cabin- 1 speed boat- 1 party dock
4 guitars -lots of beverages -lots of food
good times

well, the tour that we were thinking about doing got bought
by another band for $3,000 so we let them go for it -but we
have been hard at work in the studio and our new album


has a polished or at the least a rough version of every song completed
and I have been listening to the songs quite a bit figuring
out the final tweaks and squeaks...

thanks for checking in & stay tuned


(check out an awesome slide show on Kristen's myspace site to see all of the craziness we've been up to in the last few weeks - crazy fun my friends, that's all I can say... crazy fun.

posted by Willie @ 5:21 PM
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