Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Besides Willie's new idea to invent the doggy treadmill Willie & his good friend Tyler hung out and always seem to come up with some new crazy ideas.

3 ways to change the games of 3 major sports forever...

1)Football "The Midget Toss"

When you're on the 2 yard line, bring in the midget, hand him the ball and have two giant players throw him over the defensive line into the endzone for a touch down everytime.

A midget could also be thrown 4 yards every down for an automatic first down every play and also be thrown straight up in the air to defend field-goal tries and punts.

2)Hockey "The Sumo Goalie"

Sign a huge "sumo wrestler" goalie to lay infront of the goal for the entire game ensuring a shut-out. It might not ensure a win but with a sure shut-out you should be able to win with 1 goal.

3)Soccer "The Hair-Gel Goal"

Before the game get a fast player with a thick head of hair. Use a huge amount of stiff hair gel to form a soccerball holder on the top of that player's head. Straight from the kick off pass the ball back to your own goalie. Have the goalie put the ball on top of the player's head inside the hair and gel soccerball holder. Have that player run the length of the field across the goal line straight into the net. You can use the rest of the team as blockers if necessary. This should ensure a goal everytime your goalie puts it on the top of the players head and should change the sport of soccer forever.

Thanks for checking in.

Thanksgiving was a good time. I went to Arizona to visit my wife's family. We went and watched Nash and the Phoenix Suns beat the LA Clippers in a great basketball game with great seats. Goodtimes.
Talk to you all soon,
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