Tuesday, November 06, 2007

time for a recap of the last couple weeks...

so our good friends in the band Musee Mecanique played a private show at our friend Ignacio's house for about 30 people on Sunday October 21st and it was delightful to say the least- then we all went over to the house at JimsBeachHouse.com in Solana Beach for drinks and catching up. That's when the fires started approaching. It was really wierd. Watching it on tv and watching the huge clouds of smoke and ash surround our neighborhood was a really strange experience. We had to keep all of the windows and doors closed all day because the smoke outside was unbreathable. We finally packed up all of our valuables into our SUV and took off. After a pit stop at my parents place and Kristen's parent's place we decided to get completely clear of all the smoke and headed to my grandparents vacation house in Avalon, California on Catalina Island. It was the perfect getaway. Ruby, our little puppy dog had a great time running around at the park in Catalina. Our good friends Evan & Liz had to postpone their wedding because of the fires so we went straight from Catalina to San Francisco for a weekend of picnics and a wine tasting tour. It was a total blast. We had a great picnic at the famous Dome in San Francisco with about 8 good friends. The next day we visited our friend's wine vineyards in Napa. It was a great weekend. We came home with plenty of bottles to fill up our lonely wine rack.
good times
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