Thursday, January 03, 2008

It all started when our generous friends called up and said that they were coming to pick us up in a Limo with little notice... a group of about 10 of us headed down to a great sushi restaurant called NOBU in downtown San Diego and we had a great dinner and after party at The Hard Rock Cafe dance club nearby... (VIP treatment rules) ...with more little notice our friends invited us on their private jet out of Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, CA to bring ourselves and my guitar on a 4 day luxurious trip to San Francisco at the Clift Hotel for an extended weekend getaway... with little time to decide...we happily accepted.

We packed fast and drove right up to the the private 15 person plane where a valet guy helped us with our bags took our car and off we went!

About 2 hours later we were in our luxury suite at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco, CA. Our generous friends treated us to clubs Ruby Sky (which had amazing trapeze artists and performers right above the dance floor! It was like watching Cirque de Solei right above us while we sipped champagne and got our groove on)...

We went to another club called Sliders that had great music and a great scene...

One night we went to this movie theatre built by Robert Redford called Kabuki which was amazing!!! We sat in lazy boys and ordered from the full bar while we watched new favorite movie!!! I highly recommend it.

New Years was a blast at the Clift Hotel and look out for a ton of pics coming your way from all of my beautiful friends!!!

I forgot to mention the acoustic guitar show I put on in our living room suite with champagne beer Grey Goose room service...pretty much everything you could ask for or dream up...that weekend would be a tough one to top...I love private parties!!!

I'm going to have to do these more often...

That's the short version of a great weekend... and now, today, it's my Birthday!!! woo hoo! I can't believe it!

If you wanna give me a present you can buy my new book called The Painted Zebra that just came out at or (I dedicated it to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who has a birthday coming up to so if you order it now you can enjoy reading it to a loved little one on his birthday for me... I'm pretty proud of the message it sends and if you like Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstein I think you'll really like The Painted Zebra) you can preview it at just click the star that says "Writing"

or do me a small quick birthday favor and tell one of your friends to buy their favorite Windsor song off of our album Melting Highway in the iTunes Music Store...simply search Windsor Melting Highway and most people like our song Miss You the best! thanks so much for your support and for checking in!

This is a great start to a great 2008!!!
Hope to hear from you all soon!
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