Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My SOCCER TEAM "HUNG OVER" did it again! and as we played proudly in our pink uniforms to help support breast cancer awareness we won the semi-finals 4 to 1 & finals 2 to 1 this last weekend. I was happy to have scored 2 goals to help my team win. Sorry to brag but this IS williechambers.com so I guess I pretty much make up the rules here. You never know, I might even start my own "Willigion". Anyways, I dedicated my first goal to my grandmother "Grammy" Beverly Chambers and my second goal to my grandma Susanne Anderson who both passed away tragically to breast cancer. I think of them often as being two of the smartest kindest people and they are always in my heart. I never knew my Mom's mom Susanne but I heard she was pretty much perfect (President of Kappa Kappa Gamma at UCLA and a straight A student!). I did know grammy for 12 years and she was so perfect I often ask myself "what would grammy do?" in tough situations. After I ask that question the answer is always easy. She was a great one.

I had a fun night in LA with some cool music friends last weekend as well: Tim & Marko 72 from the band Sugarcult, Brooke who has a cool self-titled album on iTunes & former Capitol A&R Representative Loren Isreal and I all went to El Compadre Restaurant for some excellent Mexican food. After with even more friends we went to The Comedy Store where we saw some laugh out loud great stand up comedy from several comedians from comedy central and even one of the women from The View. If anyone has a night to kill in LA I highly recommend it. These guys will make you laugh out loud no doubt.

Chargers lost... :-( at least Cromartie Florence & Jammer all got interceptions off of Brady... we scored 4 times and the Patriots only scored 3 times! too bad we only scored field goals while they only scored touch downs...anyways it was a pretty good season... no Superbowl though... as Homer Simpson would say... DOUGH!!!! anyways...

Cool news for Kristen and I ... we're going on a 16 day trip to New Zealand! March 3rd to March 19th, 2008...we are feeling super lucky these days to try and check out the world!!! (it does seem to be getting smaller these days)... if anyone knows any cool spots or must see's we would love to hear from you! (my friends from the band Sugarcult are also Touring over near there in Austrailia so we'll all try and come back with some cool accents for everyone) g'daey matey. lots of cool stuff over there crocs koalas shrimp... surf, can't wait!

Thanks again for checking in and drop me a line to let me know how you're doing if you have time, I always love to hear from everyone!

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