Monday, April 14, 2008

Booze Cruise in Mission Bay, San Diego, CA

Our good friend John invited us and a group of 12 friends (Jessica, Britt, Kelly, Kristen, Sara, Karin, John, Bill, Willie, Josh, Andy, & "Captain Bubba" on his new 50 foot boat yesterday for a great time of drinking partying and listening to music in the sun. It was an offer we couldn't refuse. We saw dolphins, went to Barefoot Bar near Sea World, had mimosas, champagne & cocktails, did crazy jumps off of the boat into the ocean, and hit speeds of over 50mph with Windsor's song El Mundo blasting through the stereo! (I was stoked that John happened to bring our Windsor Melting Highway cd along for the ride on his 2008 Maiden Voyage of our boat "Fast Break II". The boat had a pretty great stereo too. I guess this boat goes up to 65mph which is faster than average for those who don't know boats well. After a long day drinking, eating pastries and Cool Ranch Doritos in the sun we finally docked at the Marriott in downtown San Diego. Half of us ended up for a tasty dinner at the Olive Garden. Warm buttery garlic bread sticks. Yum. We got some cool pics and it was a great day that will go down in the books for sure.

Oh yeah, my soccer Team Hung Over managed to pull off another rough win 3 to 1 on Saturday. Off of a throw in from the side near the other team's goal I managed to run by and flick the ball over the goalie's head into the net with a sneaky header. I was pretty stoked. Tally up another goal for the Willster. Nice.

New adventures lurk ahead...

Coachella & Filter Magazine Party?
Costa Rica trip?
Catalina trip?

Not all for sure yet but definitely in the works...

So the dream is to own beach houses in all of our favorite places in the world so that we can just travel around from place when there not rented and rent them out to buy more cool beach houses!

Check out for 2 we've got so far in Playa Grande, Costa Rica & Solana Beach, CA

Our extended family also has places so far in Lake Arrowhead & Catalina Island...

Still looking for spots in:

Raglan, New Zealand

Phuket, Thailand

Bali, Indonesia

Kauai, Hawaii


Am I leaving any cool spots out?
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