Monday, May 05, 2008

I wrote this song called "Lost A Good Friend In May" for my grandfather who passed away exactly 2 years ago today on Cinco De Mayo 2005. Now we like to call this holiday "Cinco De Dodo".

His name was William R. Anderson but we all called him "Dodo"

He was the luckiest guy we knew...

He shot a golf hole in 1 at the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club in Del Mar, CA

He shot his age at 76 years old! (He shot a 76 on a pro course at 76yrs old!)

He won the pick 6 at the Del Mar Race Track 2 days in a row!!!

There always seemed to be a parking space open for him in one of the best spots when the entire lot was busy and nearly completely full.

To hear the song go to

May Dodo's luck be with you and I hope you enjoy the song!
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