Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life moves pretty fast...

Saw the Padres beat the Reds 12 to 9 at Petco Park in the 18th inning with a 3 run home run by Adrian Gonzales!

Accidentally started talking to this guy in the Apple Store who turned out to be Richard Dreyfus (He was in the movies Close Encounters, Stand By Me, Down & Out In Beverly Hills and more!) I am a total fan and it was kinda cool because we were talking about google and new things happening in computers for awhile with this other guy while we were waiting in line and then I said: "Hey, your Richard Dreyfus" he said "yeah" I said: "I'm a total fan nice to meet you" He knew my grand father Stan Chambers and said he frequently gets pastries and mochas at my Aunt Isabelle Brien's French Pastry Shop in Encinitas. His wife happened to be good friends with my aunt. Small world. Richard Dreyfus is working on a new movie coming out called "W". He plays Dick Cheney. Can't wait to check it out.

Recorded 3 new songs on May 26th, 2008 you can check out at

Went to Paradise Point near Sea World with my lovely wife Kristen for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary on May 27th. We got presents and had a great dinner and jacuzzi-ed under the stars near our hotel suite by the water. niiice.
Thanks for checking in and checking out the new songs!

(remember new Windsor album FOREVER ENDEAVORS comes out 8/8/2008!!!)
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