Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where to start!

Awesome show at Fletcher Cove!
We managed to raise over $3,000 for the Solana Beach Junior Life Guards!
Thanks to all who came out and we should have some pics up soon of the event...

I went to an awesome Chargers vs Patriots game and sported my autographed Chris Chambers #89 Chargers jersey!
(Norv Turner who moved next door to one of my Dad's projects met some guys who worked for my Dad's Company "Chambers Construction" Norv was extra nice to the crew when he spotted a few workers wearing Chargers shirts... the next day he came over and brought us an autographed Chris Chambers jersey!) It was great wearing the jersey and watching the Chargers stomp the Patriots 30 to 10! (I even shot gunned beers for the first time at the tail gate party... I was happy and drunk... good times.

I went surfing a few times recently in Solana Beach and the water has been really glassy and still warm enough wear I don't have to wear a wetsuit. Got a few killer great waves that will make me smile until next summer :-)w

I went to watch Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band play at Soma San Diego... super cool lyrics and very fun band. You can also check out Conor Oberst's band Bright Eyes which I highly recommend.

I moved into a new great place! We have a huge back yard... a bigger garage... 2 fire pits a nice deck with an excellent view... a jacuzzi that will be hooked up soon... and a sweet ass pool table! I call it "The Boogie Nights Pad" because it is very 70's esk

New fun events await such as a Charger/Pumpkin Party at our new place and ...

The Halloween Party of a lifetime... all 40 of us in full costumes will be boarding "The Debauchery Bus" which is also known as a huge "Magnum Limo" with leather couches a kick ass sound system and even a stripper pole for dancing... this night could get crazy in downtown San Diego... can't wait! (I'll probably go as Willy Wonka... whatch you gonna be?!) e-mail me at

funny football clip:

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