Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Book Works next 2 The Pannikin (coffee shop) in Del Mar liked my new kid's book called "The Painted Zebra" & they want 2 help me sell it! you can read it 4 free @ click the star that says "writing". (takes 2 minutes to check out all of the illustrations and read through it by clicking through the pages straight from your computer!)

The Painted Zebra is a charming tale about a girl and her zebra who overcome obstacles and prove to themselves that with a lot of heart and some clever smarts, anything's possible...

Dedicated to the spirit and memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

thx 4 all of your awesome comments!

You can now pick up a copy of "The Painted Zebra" at The Book Works in Del Mar or at: $14.95 (this is where I recommend buying it online!) $19.95 $17.95

New remastered version of our Windsor song Just Maybe at
Hope you enjoy!
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